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Psychic Medium
Renee Marie
Welcome to Angelic Comfort! My name is Renee and I am glad you stopped by the site to get a glimpse of the services I have to offer!  
The angelic realm is very important to me and working with them daily, while embracing their love and guidance with each session is in the forefront of all that I do. The Angels always want to help us and the more we ask and follow their guidance, the better life becomes for us and who knows us better than the Angels!
It is a strong belief that we are drawn to others for a reason. Whether it be that we resonate to them, feel comfortable, or just that inner knowing. With that being said, you are here for a reason. 
Much Love and Light!
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Hours ​​

By appointment only.

No in person Sessions

at this time. Phone or

Skype Sessions only...

Location ​​

Finger Lakes Region

New York State


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