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Phone or Skype Readings
Reiki Session

*All Readings are via phone or Skype. I am not doing in person Readings unless at an Event I am working. 

*To schedule your appointment, place your order and when I receive notification of payment, we will set up your time and date. Due to some receiving services and not following through with payment, there is no other choice but to do it this way. Please state which one when purchasing, in the additional instructions box at the time of purchase.

*I am not doing In-Person Sessions at this time.

Mentoring Program

$250 per month

Through the Mentoring Program, you will learn to effectively understand your abilities, be it Psychic,  Mediumship, or both and expand on them, while using them for the highest good. You will have a personal on-line session with me weekly where you will be given assignments and things to practice, additionally having access to me throughout the month. There will be a private group set up on Facebook, for those going through the Mentoring Program, to share in experiences. And MUCH More! Awakening to these abilities has been frightening to many. I will help guide you through all of this. *Not everyone will have or is meant to have the same abilities. We will focus on that which you are opening to and watch you grow! This program is a commitment. 

TFT/EFT Tapping Therapy

Thought Field Therapy and Emotional Freedom Tapping use a tapping sequence in the form of a healing code, balancing the body’s energy system and allowing you to eliminate most negative emotions within minutes. It promotes the body’s own healing ability provides amazing results for emotional freedom to move forward in every area of your life. Tap away your stress, anxiety, ease pain and fear, so you can live life with clarity and peace of mind. This is in person for local clientele and via Skype or Facebook for others. $150 for the first session and $100 for each additional session there after. Contact me to set up your sessions.

Renee is a certified practitioner in TFT/EFT Tapping Therapy. Contact her for more information.

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