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Trascendent Vibrational Communication

Transcendent Vibrational Communication (TVC) or Soul Communication is theorized to be the transmission of the vibrational voice rhythm possibly via the astral plane, remote viewing, or through telepathy, over long distances which can become audible through the use of radio wave frequencies and other devices such as a spirit box or other gathering methods yet to be documented. Transcendent Vibrational Communication (TVC) may also include not only audio but object manipulation or visual imaging. Transcendent Vibrational Communication is done consciously with the direct intent of being heard or seen in the non-physical form as a means of communication.


Transcendent Vibrational Communication (TVC) is similar to communicating with those spirits on the non-physical plane and recording Electronic Voice Phenomenon or EVPs. Transcendent Vibrational Communication is thought to be accomplished by increasing one's personal vibrational frequency and through a soul projection out of the physical body, or telepathic means. Communication would be accomplished similar to that of a spirit that is no longer in the physical world, so in effect we have EVP’s not of a departed spirit but of a living person sending their soul communication in such a way it can be audibly heard and recorded over very long distances.


Transcendent Vibrational Communication is what we believe to be a newly formed theory documented this year, due to the fact we were unable to find any written documentation of this occurring previously. Through two separate paranormal investigations, involving three different states (NY, IN and  TN), we have been able to accomplish what we believe to be Transcendent Vibrational Communication with solid documentation and possible proof that this may exist. With the further assistance of the paranormal team Expedition Unknown, based out of Memphis, TN, we are continuing to research, experiment, test and document this theory.


What started out as a question and theory that I have posed for a long period of time, experimenting, documenting and testing of this theory will continue through upcoming paranormal investigations and also non-investigative settings. If a soul or spirit can communicate with us in the afterlife, then certainly it should be able to do so while it is in the physical form; separating the soul from the physical body and projecting it to another location, or through telepthic means. It may be possible to pick up the voice with a device over a frequency without the use of a phone, computer, or any other form of modern communication; this not only includes voice, but also would possibly include visual sight through object manipulation.


The coining of Transcendent Vibrational Communication was termed by myself, Renee Marie Tennant. Stephen Guenther, from Expedition Unknown, and I came up with several other options. Transcendent Verbal Communication stood out after further discussion and shortening the word Transcendental, at Stephen's recommendation.


Through soul projection, of 1,000 miles or more, we believe my voice was transmitted through the Spirit Box-7 on two separate investigations, by two separate teams (Pain Paranormal and Expedition Unknown) in two separate geographical locations within the United States, while I was assisting remotely, both in the physical and astral planes or telepathically. I had presented my theory to both teams and they were eager to explore this further with me. We have recorded and documented EVPs, in which some are Class A, all coinciding with what I was saying at the time. There were no phones, Skype, or other verbal communication with either investigations during the times of testing. Was it my voice that carried through or was it a spirit mimicking me? This is a question that also arrises with many EVPs collected that are not direct responses to questions asked by paranormal investigators.


Our soul is eternal, a vibrational energy that enters into the physical body at the time of birth. At the time of death, the soul exits the body and continues on. Again, this is not about capturing evidence of being heard or seen on accident, but done with the intention of consciously communicating with others by increasing one's own vibrational levels and concentration. I am on a mission to prove or disprove my theory of Transcendent Vibrational Communication. 


Transcendent: Exceeding or going beyond the limits of what is perceived to be a possible experience and knowledge.


Vibrational: (adj)... Vibration:  A rapid linear motion of a particle or of an elastic solid about an equilibrium position. A distinctive emotional aura or atmosphere regarded as being instinctively sensed or experienced.


Communication: The imparting or interchange of thoughts, opinions, or information by speech, writing, or signs. Something imparted, interchanged, or transmitted. Passage, or an opportunity or means of passage, between places.


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