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Happiness Is Yours For The Taking

October 15, 2013

Everywhere you look there are people who are either always smiling and laughing, or those who are either frowning, scowling; always just appearing to be miserable. There are circumstances when those who always appear happy do become down, as that is life, but what about those who just cannot appear to be happy no matter what? How do we define what happiness is and how do we obtain it?


Many believe that to be happy involves other people in order for it to be achieved, which couldn't be further from the truth. Happiness is an emotion or feeling that is obtained through our own thought process and actions. Each person has the choice to seek happiness but tend to not realize that what they are seeking is within themselves. Everyone has events in their lives that make them unhappy, but it's the choice to move forward and continue to not let those events effect us as a person or those around us.


If one is negative and dwells on the negative events and people in their lives, allowing it to consume who they are, then finding that happiness is more difficult within than those who already found it. Happiness is like maintaining a positive attitude. It takes work and effort to achieve if it isn't already a natural part of your life.


To help find your happiness, figure out what it is that makes you unhappy and then list those things that do. What can be changed in your life and what needs to change with you? Remember that everything starts from within you. Once it is achieved, then it becomes natural and an actual coping mechanism that assists you through those rough times. It's a skill that once mastered changes one(s) perspective on life and allows a steady flow of blessings!


"Happiness is a choice that we create for ourselves that spreads outwards. It is not an option to expect others to make you happy, nor is it appropriate to try and dampen another(s) due to your own unhappiness. It is each individual's responsibility to create it. If others add to your happiness then it is an added blessing bestowed upon you. Choose to be happy... Make it happen.... It's only you that is causing that block...."


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