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Cutting The Etheric Cords of Others

Do you ever feel drained in the presence of someone you see often? Have you been in a relationship that wasn't favorable, or lasted a long time and you are no longer in each other's lives? The lasting effects that others have on our daily lives even when they are no longer a part of it can affect us years down the road. Not just emotionally from the wounds of the relationship, but also through the energy exchange we had at that time.

Etheric Cords are not seen by the human eye unless you have the ability to see them. They are cords of energy from an exchange we have had with others in our life from our past and can even be within our present lives. They are negative cords that drain our own energy and are toxic in nature. It may feel like depression, anxiety, stagnation and some even say poor luck. You may feel drained all the time and even over emotional. The person or persons may consistently pop into your thoughts.

These cords keep us "bound" in a sense to others. The people typically associated with these connecting energy cords are referred to "Energy Vampires". Some are aware that they are and others aren't.

Every form of exchange we have with others involves energy. Whether it be conversations, a hand shake, a hug and intimate moments. There is an energy exchange with the parties involved and their energy mixes with ours. These cords tend to connect to our own Chakras. Picture it as a big fishing hook that is hooked into your body, with a long gray or black cord that is connected to another. Gray and black cords are unhealthy ones. If you close your eyes and relax, taking several deep breaths, your minds eye will be able to see these. Some have only one and others may have many.

So you may be asking yourself, "How do I get rid of these cords and how do I prevent it from happening again?". The following exercise will help you to cut these binding cords and help free you from these negative connections.

Cord Cutting Exercise:

1. Go into a room or location where you have no other distractions and noise. Make sure you are comfortable and I recommend standing for it. Close your eye and take several relaxing and refreshing breaths. Clear your mind and then envision these cords and where they are connected to you. They will be gray or black in color.

2. Speak, or mentally bring in Archangel Michael by stating his name three times. You may feel his presence through energy, coolness near you and some may feel his hand on your shoulder. Ask also for his "Legions of Light" to assist.

3. Envision roots coming from the bottom of your feet, grounding you and giving you strength.

4. Ask Archangel Michael to assist you in cutting the cords and removing all of the energy connected to you from others and situations having a negative effect on your life. You can be specific in mentioning names, as you may see the cords connected to them. You want to cut the cords of those who no longer are for your highest good. Ask him to release them with love, sending the energy back to the person.

5. Envision a really big pair of golden scissors, or some prefer his golden sword. Envision your hands and those of Archangel Michael cutting each cord. Feel the strength and love as you are cutting these firmly and quickly. Feel the freedom, relief and the emotional release as you cut each cord.

6. When you are finished with the cord cutting, ask Archangel Michael to close any holes or gaps within your aura, or some call it their energy field. Then ask him to wrap you in his blue cloak to protect you while the healing is in progress.

7. Thank Archangel Michael for his unconditional love and the assistance he gave you.

Some things to consider when interacting with others and an energy exchange is occurring:

1. Is your own protection up? Some may choose prayer, the White Light, or any other loving form they are comfortable with.

2. Be selective in who you interact with and those you choose to be intimate with. Intimacy doesn't need to be solely related to sexual. It's referring to anyone you allow into your immediate circle of acquaintances.

3. Ask yourself when with others: Is this a healthy relationship? Does the energy feel right?

4. Trust your gut instinct. That's your Higher Self letting you know.

I'm sending you Love and Light!

Renee Marie

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