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The Blanket of Unity

Reflecting back on a particular day, I will now share my thoughts with you! When I woke up grudgingly one cold winter morning, my first thought was all the snow that had blanketed the ground and everything else in it’s path. I stepped out into 6″ of freshly fallen snow and thought about the wetness that was now in my boots, as I trudged through it. The roads weren’t plowed yet and driving was horrific. So here I am, hathead, scowl on the face and cursing in my mind the dreaded white stuff, as the car is turning sideways and ready to spin.

As my car slid past my driveway and seeing the front of my home getting closer to the front end of my car, a single large snowflake landed on my windshield. I sat there and watched it melt as quickly as it appeared…Just one snowflake at that moment made me think of many things. I backed the car up ever so carefully and her tires were spinning, never giving up the determination to succeed, I gave her a few encouraging words. hey, we are all human, yes? lol

When she was safely parked in the driveway, I hopped out of it and looked at the deck. Yes, I walked through it to get out, but need to shovel it to get back in. Who wants that in the house? Then it happened again. A single snowflake fell from the sky and landed on my nose this time. Now, I know that my nose isn’t the smallest or daintiest, but come on now! Hello??? A ski slope it is not either.

I wiped off the now droplet of water and then onto the pant leg. I looked around and truly opened my eyes. As I looked around at my surroundings, and each snowflake that was falling from the sky, I felt a calmness come over me. It was simply beautiful out! Everything that at one point showed a dingy, dirt covered color was now all pure and white. It looked clean again. A soft blanket of fluff had fallen upon the Earth and cleaned up the chaotic mess that was there.

I shoveled my deck and started thinking, which isn’t uncommon when there is a wake-up call. Shoveling less haste-fully than I normally would, I continued to watch the snowflakes fall. Each individual snowflake that was laying within my path and determined to re-coat what I had just cleared. It’s just a snowflake, yes?

As I continued to shovel, the wheels continued churning in my mind. Then it hit me! Quite some time ago, I remembered reading an article about snowflakes and there is not one snowflake that is ever the same. It is also the same with ice crystals. They appear in many shapes, sizes, patterns and fall where ever the breeze or their path may lead them.

Eureka! That was it! It’s what I say all the time about Uniqueness! Each and everyone of us is like a Snowflake! We are all different and don’t fit the same mold, yet people try to make us. There is nothing trying to make a snowflake be the same, even if it is man-made for the slopes. Catching the idea here?

What I also find interesting is the fact that snowflakes do have a common interest. When the snowflake falls from the sky, it connects with the other previously fallen ones. One by one and continuing that pattern, they form a blanket. The blanket builds and becomes thicker, plus stronger. It serves as a purpose or two. The first is building a strong network. A sort of connection that bonds almost like teamwork. The second is the “Clean Canvas Theory”, as I like to call it. It gets rid of the dirt and grime and makes it look all fresh. New again.

If we apply the snowflake to we as people, being unique in it’s own way, we see that even though there are differences in every which way, a union can still be formed. A Union to make a change or serve a better purpose, also our support network.

The “Clean Canvas Theory” is pretty simple. Each day when you wake up, you are given a clean canvas as a gift. That’s the start of your day. You can paint your canvas any way you choose. Do you paint it the same or make changes to the painting? It’s a cleaning of the old and the opportunity to make a fresh start. That’s each of us. We all have that choice. The only way to advance is to change your painting. Keep it fresh like the clean blanket of snow offers the dull and gloomy colors to go away.

Both of these choices are ours alone. Can we as snowflakes, one by one, all merge together for a better World? It only starts with one. And, can you accept that each day you wake, you yourself have the choice of what you will do with your paints. Will you remain the same or will you make some changes? Some things to think about, yes?

Love and Light!


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