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Attraction Based On The Beauty Within

Within all relationships, whether it be with self, a partner or with friends and family, self love plays a very important role. I am not speaking about egotistical love and show, but truly loving yourself on the inside. When the love for yourself is from within, it can open up much in your world. In order to love another unconditionally, it is noticing their own beauty from their inner core... Their center of self. It is the inner beauty, love, knowledge, their soul and true self. When all of that is accomplished, it is what attraction is based on with all relationships in a person's life. It allows them to be their true self and not someone they choose not to be, or who they really are not. When we embrace our self in an unconditional way, love and beauty flows freely, permitting it to radiate outwards. That is the first step in allowing love to come to you. A love you may have never known and deep down desire. Basing love on external appearances only is a false love, a false attraction. If you are one who has that self unconditional love, you recognize that beauty is a whole, not focusing on other(s) flaws, or the differences from yourself. It is an appreciation for those differences that makes each person unique. You have learned to encompass all that is. Your heart chakra is wide open to give and receive the love of others. A relationship based on unconditional love is the yearning to know the true person, their soul and the love that can be reciprocated. It is assisting in releasing the blocks one has and moving forward in a blessed life. Remember that you can not receive love in any form of relationship unless you love your soul self first. Release your own blocks, ego, societies expectations and the false expectations placed upon yourself, in your own mind. It's time to lift the veil... In Love and Light!

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