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The Angelic Embrace

I have been asked by many people if it is possible to feel the hold, or embrace from a passed loved one and our angels. My answer is yes, you can. Just the same as when you ask them for assistance, you can also ask for their loving hold. Our angels do not assist us without a request from us. The same thing goes for that angelic embrace. In times of sadness, sorrow, fear, loneliness and confusion, we can call upon our angels for much comfort! As a matter of fact when you ask for the angelic wrap, it is one of the most comforting feelings one can experience. The angelic hold can be done at any point during your day when you need that extra reinforcement. This is my own exercise, created by me and I am now going to share it with you! It is tried and true by many. In times of uncontrollable fear, anxiety, sadness, tears and need, go to a quiet place. Laying down is the best way to experience this. Sitting up can be effective, but for a total enlightening experience, it is most effective to lay down during this exercise. Close your eyes and ask for the angels to help you with your situation and to be held. Ask to feel them wrap their wings around you. Ask for their comfort and to give you inner peace. As you are still, an energy will start at your feet and work it's way up your body. This is your angel healing and offering you comfort. Before you know it, you will feel like your body is wrapped and safe. The warmth of the embrace is very soothing. DO NOT panic, as there is nothing to fear. If you are crying, this exercise will stop you instantaneously once the embrace occurs. Take several deep breaths and let your angel do the rest. You will sleep through the night and remember that tomorrow is a new day! Sweet dreams! In Love and Light! Renee

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