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There Is No Part-Time Love And Light

What does it mean to live Love and Light? Loving others unconditionally as God does. Forgiving others and yourself, as not one person is perfect and we all play a part. To wish the best for others. To appreciate what you have. To wake up in the morning and knowing each day is full of many blessings and the first is waking up! To be happy for others and their accomplishments, knowing that with much hard work, blood, sweat and tears... you can have the same. Love and Light radiates positivity. Love and Light envisions a world of Peace and spreads it to others. Love and Light is knowing we are all the same in God's eyes. We are all ONE, unique and our words plus actions are of positive, for the highest good. It's helping others in what way you can. It's knowing you and only you are the one who can make or break you. Love and Light is choosing happiness, loving yourself from the inside out and not letting the negativity of others drain you. What living Love and Light are NOT! It isn't part-time. It isn't about money. Love and Light is not greed, deceiving others, dishonesty, jealousy, envy, or wishing others ill. Love and Light is not ego or being self-centered. It isn't the intentional acts or words to harm others. It isn't negativity or negativity intentionally directed towards others. It isn't a witch hunt on individuals, lies or pretending, for your own sake to advance or cover-up the mistakes you yourself made. It isn't placing blame on others for the choices you made. This all represents Darkness. The one thing that is always in the forefront of a person's mind that lives the Love and Light life is knowing this... Our own thoughts, words and actions are put out to the Universe and the Universe reflects all of that back onto us. Not in a simple way, but ten fold. Some know it as KARMA. We know it is powerful and that what we wish upon, do towards or say towards others will come back to us, as an individual, and no one else. It's a choice made by you when you chose your thoughts, actions or words directed towards another in a negative way. It's a deception, but in all actuality.... It's a deception to yourself. Those living in Love and Light will always choose the positive road, because negative Karma is something that is not a wish that we want placed upon ourselves, to come back to us. In Love and Light! Renee

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