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Guardian Angels Who Are They?

For the past few months, I have had many questions from people about our Guardian Angels, or as some refer to them as Guides. This question has been asked of me globally, from my clients, private galleries events and through messages on social networking. The reason for the abundant number asking is due to the discrepancies in the definitions. We all have two Guardian Angels assigned to us prior to birth and as we grow older we can accumulate as many as we wish. What many are confused with is that they believe they are loved ones who have passed and this is not true. Our Guardian Angels know our life path right down to the slightest detail of events and things we will do in our life.

We plan out our life prior to birth and these Guardians are matched to the type of life we will lead. They know every little detail about you and know you best. Not even our relatives here in the physical world know each of us to perfection, or know us best. Our Guardian Angels know us prior to birth through our death, including how and when we will pass away right down to the split second. Our first Guardian Angel is for matters of the heart. They will comfort, nurture or praise you in times of sorrow, love, emotional or traumatic difficulties and events, loss, grief and joy. This one is the soother with signs, messages and thoughts of which are more subtle, gentle and heart warming. The messages are those you feel with your heart. The second Guardian Angel is more of a motivator, a mover and a shaker, plus gives you more noticeable signs, messages and thoughts. Both of our Guardian Angels work hand in hand to lead us down the life path we have chosen. They both celebrate the happy, joyous moments and they work hard to help us through the less favorable times within our lives. They lead, guide, protect and are with us 24 hours a day, seven days a week. They never leave our side. Here is where the misconception comes in. Many believe or are told that when a loved one passes away, they become your Guardian Angels or Guides. There are only a few angels in the angelic realm that were ever earth bound, in the physical form. They include only a few of the Archangels and the Ascended Masters. Those who were in the physical form at one time or in easier terms, actually lived and walked on the earth. These are certain biblical figures and others from different religions that are not Christianity. An example is Archangel Micheal who in Christianity is Saint Michael. These angels accomplished major feats in their life and were not the common day person. All angels DO have wings and will present themselves as such. Our loved ones who have crossed cannot stay with us 24 hours a day, seven days a week. There are lessons to still learn and work to be done on the other side. There is the review of their last life and the planning of the next, amongst many other things they need to accomplish. They will visit with you and others in the physical plain, but also other souls they have spent other lifetimes with that you would never have known and they could be anywhere on the globe. If you think of or call to them, if they are available, they will show up. They may come to us just to say hello or if we need comforting. Our loved ones will help our Guardian Angels comfort, sooth and give answers or signs, but they aren't the ones assigned to us. If we do get a chance to see them, the also don't bear wings. The likelihood of them reincarnating into a baby just born into a family is slim, unless there are major lessons for that family and the deceased family member to learn yet. Again the chances are very, very slim. The reason that many are told that when our relatives pass on and become angels is that it's a comforting thought for those left behind. It is our own physical life emotions and feelings that will miss them, taking over. Many need the comfort of believing this. Another reason we do not have relatives as Guardian Angels, is that our personalities, traits, attitude, etc are with us as a spirit. Let's take for example Grandpa X who passed away and he may have been sweet to you, but was miserable to others, swore like a sailor and picked fights with other family members. Well, Grandpa X still has lessons to learn which will be worked with on the other side and during his next physical life. He may appear at times to help you, but he still has much work to be done on himself. How do we find out who our Guardian Angels are and their names? Some can accomplish this through meditation and others can ask for them to reveal their names prior to sleep. My recommendation is to ask only one at a time until you know. It may take a few times, but pay attention to your dreams and other signs that will be in confirmation of three to you, in the waking hours. They are not always common names either. I hope this has helped to clarify what is a Guardian Angel and who is not. God Bless you! Renee

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