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Awakening and Conforming to the Non-Conforming of “SELF”

Conformity has an upside to it and a downside. If we look at the positive aspects with conformity, it is recognized as groups of individuals that work together towards a Common Goal, or Cause. These would include work, religion, spirituality, collaborating together to find a cure, volunteering, world peace, or anything where there is a similarity in beliefs.

The negative side of conformity is when we give in and allow ourselves to be shaped by others and society, giving up our individuality… Our Uniqueness. There is nothing worse in life then to feel that we need to conform to others, due to the lack of their understanding of who a person is, or their “True Self”.

Individuality is an important part of who a person is. At birth, everyone has their own DNA, fingerprints, special features and personalities. Each has their own specialties, strong points, weak points, talents and gifts. Through the pressures of society, people feel the need to “conform” and relinquish who they really are. How many people live two lives? One life the way society wants them to be and the life of who they truly are?

The longer a person waits to live the life of their “True Self”, the harder it is down the road. The year 2011, many will notice that people are starting to not conform with the disability of what society believes to be the norm. People are starting to “Awaken” to who they really are and bringing out their “TRUE SELF”. Many will also recognize that it isn’t even in the physical form, but on a non-physical higher level.

When this “Awakening” happens, it causes much confusion within those who have conformed to society’s way of thinking, lifestyle and the expectations. It is a time when questioning the Life Path they have been on occurs. For many people, this time in their life can be extremely painful and one may even feel lost. It becomes an internal tug-of-war and in many cases, an imbalance or lack of being centered.

The advice many will tell you in this state of confusion is not easy for many to do initially. It’s simple… Let it happen. Don’t fight “YOU” anymore. Let go of your ego and what society has expected. Allow this transformation of your “SELF” to occur. Seek guidance from others who have been there and know you are not alone. Let the real YOU out. Be courageous and break the mold you didn’t fit into anyway. And one last thing… When you do decide to let this happen…

STOP leading that DOUBLE LIFE. If you still live it, you aren’t really there until YOU fully accept it. It’s one(s) strong ego that causes much of the imbalance. You can not walk a tightrope with fear and a lack of courage. You simply wouldn’t have the balance needed, yes? It’s time to “AWAKEN”.

It’s never too late to hop back on the Path of YOU….

Renee Marie

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