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Good Good Good Good Vibrations

I was talking with one of my best friends the other day and one of our discussions was about vibrational levels. When speaking about vibrational levels in the language of spirituality, it's all about the level of energy that a person radiates from within. The absorption and emission of energy, as your body is a vessel, holding and releasing the energy of you. There is a major difference between radiating on a higher and lower frequency. I like to compare it similar to the difference between AM and FM radio stations. AM radio in many cases sounds like it has some static and it is an older, muffled sound. On the other hand, FM radio is clear, bright and crisper in sound. If we take a look at it in this fashion, a clearer picture will be painted and hopefully more understanding. When a person radiates at a lower vibrational frequency, they are hanging on to too much inner emotional baggage. The past isn't released, negative thoughts, a low self-esteem, which can turn into a depression, or even built up anger. They usually don't like themselves and are energy vampires. Dwelling on the past of hurt and anger; complaining and building up emotional blocks is an unhealthy way of living. It causes or enhances physical pain. It's all a silent killer. A killer to your own awakening and that of others. As they say, like attracts like, but it can also be deceiving at first. A lower vibrational being can bring down one who is on a higher frequency, making things murky and slowing the awakening process, if not stopping it completely. Now taking it a step further, let's look at it from a paranormal standpoint. Those who resonate these lower vibrational frequencies are more prone to attachments of a negative nature. They fall victim to negative energy sucking entities. These negative energy entities will enhance the thoughts and actions one is harboring within. The person is easy to control; in addition to putting thoughts into their head that aren't really real. So if one harbors negative baggage, that's what you will attract from the other side. It will be a continuous struggle until the proper steps are taken to push beyond the stagnation of the past and move forward into a new light... A new way of life. A person resonating at a lower frequency needs to get rid of the victim of life attitude, release the past baggage, increase self-esteem, release emotional blocks and learn to not accept the path they are currently on. It's a choice that is yours. No one is going to be able to assist unless you yourself are ready and willing to make these changes. It's time to stop letting the past run your current life. Not only does it effect you, but those around you too. It is a lonely road that will push others away, leading one to a life of solitude. Take the step now and erase your fears. That first step can be very refreshing if you are willing! Much Love and Light to you!

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