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The Emotional Wave. The Universe And The Law of Attraction.

Our words, thoughts and actions are a powerful energy. Whether they are from a place of love, anger, fear, hate, or sorrow, we are stating to the Universe that is what we want, especially when there is emotion in action with it.

When we are faced with situations, people and events that bring out a strong emotion and feeling, we can manifest more of those events, people and situations, giving us a mirror effect, or a reflection of ourselves based on how we are behaving, acting, thinking, speaking and writing. Sometimes we don't like what we see and we are in a denial that we could be acting in that manner, or that we actually are manifesting the outcome. If we want to see change, we need to be the first to make those changes ourselves. On a personal level.

Let's take the example of disagreeing with others on a topic, belief, or person. If we don't have similar beliefs, or care for the same person, it's really ok. You may think you are correct and in your immediate world, you are, as is the other person in their immediate world. Does it mean that since you both don't like the same things or have the same beliefs, its okay to lash out at the other and vise versa? No.

So let's take it a step further. Those of you who know how the Universe and the Law of Attraction work and have knowledge of the Shadow Self will understand this. For those of you who

don't know what the Shadow Self is, it is the part of you that is reflected off of another, creating that mirror reflection back to you of the hidden part of self that needs work on. A part of you that you keep hidden in your subconscious.

If we don't like when people speak inappropriately, call others names, aren't acting civilized in general, yet in our own moments of emotional outburst, we are doing the same to others who we don't like or don't have our same beliefs and affiliation, we are manifesting more of what we don't like and the cycle continues. We are telling the Universe it's okay and this is what we want, even though it isn't. The Universe knows no different. It only knows the power and force behind the energy we exert and says "That is what they want! Give them more!". When you have masses of people doing this about a particular event or person, it magnifies.

Now take an honest look at how you express your feelings and emotions towards others, situations and events. Look in the mirror of self and do an honest evaluation. What do you see? How do you react towards others based on emotions? What are your words? What are your actions? Are you treating others the way you want to be treated in return?

It's all about energy and what is drawn into your immediate world. It starts with you. Things and others will change when you make the changes with yourself. When you make the changes within yourself.

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