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Chronic Pain, Dis-Ease And Manifestation based on the Negative and Positive Approach

Throughout the Earth, there are many who suffer from chronic pain and Dis-Ease. Some are temporary or long term and some face an unfavorable outcome. Either way there is pain. Some are children and some adults. I saw a post from one of my best friends today and it truly made me sad. She felt the need to get off of social networking for a few days, due to all the negative posts she was reading and many of them were about the illnesses of others. She has battled cancer. I proceeded to ask Archangel Raphael for his help in regard to Dis-Ease and Archangel Gabriel to assist me in writing this blog. I asked for the guidance to help others to understand what it is they want to relay in hopes it will help many. Here is what they said... Negativity and positivity play a major role with the effects on one(s) physical health. If one is positive, they can lessen the pain and manifest a greater outcome. It is not accepting the condition and not giving in to it. It allows your body to start taking over healing itself and sometimes brings the underlying condition to present itself, opening the doorway for proper treatment. With manifestation of positivity the pain will lessen and in some cases cure the problem. Each system within our bodies all work together. If there is one system that has a medical problem; improper medical treatment will effect another body system and the chain continues on. Some Dis-Eases are a generic label that is due to a lack of proper testing, medication reactions and just plain and simple improper treatment because it is easier. When a person gives in to their Dis-Ease, some begin to take on the negative approach, allowing the Dis-Ease to control their thoughts and their lives. This leads to a depression and a vicious cycle that is difficult to break. The one thing about negativity is it will manifest more pain in Dis-Ease. When we take a look at those who face a Dis-Ease that has a possible terminal outcome, or even those who's outcome is terminal, you will notice that many have a positive attitude. A child with cancer that teaches their family to be strong. An adult with cancer that doesn't give up hope, living their life to the fullest. The horrific tests and treatments they endure to be given more time with loved ones. The majority have a positive attitude in hopes they will conquer their condition. Sometimes positivity is all they have to make it through the day or be given another day. A person who faces a terminal Dis-Ease usually doesn't want pity, sadness or negativity around them. It pulls them down to a state of mind they wish not to be in. They count their blessings and are grateful for that first breath in the morning they are given. Does it mean they aren't in pain? On the contrary. They choose not to dwell on it and strive to make their day and those around them as special as possible. Possibly their last day. When a person chooses to allow their body to assist in healing itself, it is a combination of being balanced in mind, body and soul. It is called grounding. There is realigning the chakras in your body, energy healing, holistic methods, eating proper foods, raising your vibrational level and all coinciding with proper medical treatment. At this point, the body will take over the healing process. Attitude, outlook, positivity and taking control of your own medical satisfaction, as in making sure your physician is doing what you pay them to do. They work for you, so the end it's all in your hands. So remember when we post and others see it who may be enduring worse, try to keep it positive. Negativity is a Dis-Ease that spreads rather quickly, bringing others down and can push others away. A support system that no one wants to lose. In Love, Light and Caring about you! Renee

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