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The Power Of Suggestion, Fear And The Reality Of Hauntings

We all know that the power of suggestion has a major effect on how one perceives or views any situation. Some things if not presented in it's whole entirety can instill fear, or a deeper fear in others. The mind is a very delicate mass that has many intricate, hidden facets, emphasizing what is seen, heard and even read.... Especially when it comes to FEAR! I can not stress enough the importance of positivity in one(s) own life. There are many reasons behind this and I have discussed many in the past. Not only is it a healthier way of living, but it is also draws in the positive, which is a very welcoming wish that many desire, yes? Well pushing all religion aside, as I feel when it comes to spirituality and the paranormal there are too many different beliefs and interpretations out there. I am just going to put it out there and say it as it is. What brings spirits into your home. What types of spirits and why. Then I will discuss the power of suggestion and ill placed fear. All homes at one point or another will have transient or what I call walk through spirits. These are spirits that sort of pop in and pop out. They usually don't stay long. Some homes have spirits that linger or are there no matter what. These include relatives, friends, people who occupied the home in the past or even a home built on a burial ground, including sacred ones. Are they all negative spirits? No, they are not. With these spirits you may have things move in your home, end up with what is perceived as being scary events, hear sounds, receive markings, etc. In all actuality, a spirit needs much energy to manifest and do things to get a person's attention. It does not mean the spirit is there to harm you. The energy exerted can be powerful. A spirit that may haunt a home can appear negative, when all actuality it is positive. If they are upset that you are occupying what was once their home. If there is an item in there they don't want to leave and in some cases you are interfering with their daily activity or work, as you do your activities or work. You can make a compromise with a spirit of this sort and a harmonious coexistence can easily occur. Just speak to them and state your wishes and how they can make it easier too. To tell them you understand and that you wish for peace amongst all within in that home or you will send them away. It can be done. There are many reasons a negative spirit may be in a home. If there is residual energy from those living there in the past. The past residents may have argued, fought, been severely depressed or other events that may have happened within the home. Residual energy lingers within the walls, similar to cigarette smoke lingers on clothing. residual energy isn't a spirit, but left over energy that has soaked in. Residual energy can cause an unsettled home, arguments, and other family issues. How do you remove residual? Through doing a spiritual clearing and smudging. De clutter your home of messes and the removal of negative thoughts or people whom may be there if possible. What else brings negative spirits into a home? A person who is very negative, depressed, fighting, arguing, illness and simply calling the negative spirits into a home. Some open portals, do rituals and through fear instilled from others will do this through the power of suggestion. Then again, the power of suggestion is in the pretense a false event in many cases, relating to spirits, as your mind can trick you into believing it's actually happening. If a portal was opened prior to the purchase of a home, it may still remain and the same is true pertaining to those who practiced rituals within the home. These can easily be taken care of through an experienced person who is capable of closing the portal and locating the items or area these were performed and clearing it. Now I will discuss "Demons". Very few hauntings are demonic. They are far and few in between. If a spirit was negative in the physical world, the negativity can be magnified after passing. When it visits the physical world, it will use the new power of negativity to receive the energy it needs to feed off of. These type of entities can resemble demonic activity, but in all actuality, it isn't. Many people believe that most hauntings, especially bad ones are demonic. Completely not true. Spirits become most active between the hours of 2am and 5am. This includes positive and negative energy. It isn't only negative energy. It is easiest for a positive spirit to communicate with people in the physical world during those hours, as the veil between the two worlds thins out and run parallel to each other. Many will recall having a dream of a loved one who has passed. The conversation that they had and the activity that took place. Your loved one has actually come to you and the conversation was real. It wasn't a dream. Truly a beautiful experience that one has no reason to fear. Do negative spirits enter your home during these hours? It is possible if there is a negative person within the home. If someone calls them in, as can be done with a positive one. I will stand by this... Negative energy is brought into a home due to at least one occupant having a negative attitude, residual energy or because of an item in the home. In many cases though.... A negative entity will not enter your home unless it is welcomed. Again.... Demonic... Most likely not. Positive will always be more powerful than negative. It's when one gives into the negative that issues appear. The power of thought and the power of suggestion can both be very damaging, when it comes to negative spirits entering a home. So when you see something written as a post, see it on a television show, hear it from another or allow fear to overcome your life... Think twice. Is the information factual? Does it tell the whole story? Is it based only on religion? Remember that instilling fear into another is a negative act that not only effects adults, but can scar a child for life. Learn, research and educate yourself. Not just a portion of it, but as a whole. Fear is something that no one needs in their life. And those who post, ask yourself is it instilling fear in others? Is it the whole story or one sided. What damage could you be causing to others. Think before you write or speak. Always remember that spirits walk the physical world at all hours of the day and night. The middle of the night is the easiest for a spirit to communicate with the living, not to scare or possess. No matter what, YOU have the power within you to stand firm and release the negative energy from your home and life. Positive energy is always more powerful than negative energy. There are steps to take that will help you to keep your home free of negative energy, that I will not get into at this point in time. The most powerful is standing firmly, speaking firmly and stating you have the control over it and it isn't welcome there. That it needs to leave now. It has no control over you and then believe it. With much Love and Light... Renee

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