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Transformation And Transition

Every winter I put myself through a spiritual cleansing and transformation period. For me it's the beginning of transition into Spring. A time when I do deeper thinking than normal, release any past blocks, increase my vibrational frequency and open myself up to changes. In doing this cleansing each year, it allows me to advance myself on a spiritual level, increase my abilities, and it gives me a clearer insight with helping and understanding others.

I believe we all go through several transformations throughout our lives, as this is how we grow, expanding our wisdom and knowledge. For myself this also includes a time of change when I prepare to take action for stepping out of my comfort zone. I refer it to the caterpillar building her cocoon and breaking out of the old and reentering the world new.

The process of transformation begins with self reflection, our life at hand and the things we can change to bring us out of stagnation. This transformation is the transition towards the higher self and an important step towards radiating at a higher vibrational frequency and vibrational level.

We are going through some major energy shifts and many are finding it difficult to shift with these changes. You may notice that people are showing more anxiety, anger quicker and just aren't themselves. Many are becoming ungrounded and unbalanced, which is a big attribute. In order for me to assist others during these energy shifts and helping them to raise their vibrational frequencies, it's imperative for me to be already there. Not only is it important for self preservation, my soul journey, keeping my positive mindset, but also a time out for me so I can be of service to others who need me.

One of the biggest misconceptions people have about vibrational frequencies is that everyone can't achieve the higher levels. That couldn't be further than the truth. Just like Free Will, it's a choice. It isn't predetermined. What prevents people from achieving this? If a person is on many medications for pain which are mind altering, constant or severe pain, a negative mindset, jealousy, envy, ego, playing the victim all the time, not releasing the past, self pity, consistent attention seeking behaviors, addictions and some illnesses. As you can see, many of these things can be changed, but it's a choice.

So during my time of transformation and transition, I do much grounding and balancing of myself. I reevaluate things within my life and shed the old to make room for the new; a time of enlightenment, seeking knowledge and gaining wisdom. An inner reflection period and growth.

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