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Our Loved Ones After Passing. A Message For You!

I am being told by the angels to share what I see when I come in contact with someone from the other side, so it will hopefully put your minds at ease with your loved ones who have crossed. Most spirits appear to us at an age and in appearance they will be recognized through description to you. Sometimes they appear younger at a point in their life when they were happiest.

It is very true that when they suffered here on earth with illness and pain up until the time of passing, the pain and suffering are gone. They are healthy and full of life again. They don't look like they did at the time of passing. They will show us what they went through and sometimes we feel it. That's confirmation for you that it is the right person.

They do hear you when you speak to them and they do see what is going on with you. They do miss you as you miss them, but they don't want to see you suffer their passing, as they are always there for you. You just can't see them in the physical form and most remember them as they were at the time of passing.

They will let you know they are there and thinking of you in several different ways. It could be through a smell, a sound, touch, sudden coolness around you, a familiar object associated with them moved, their favorite bird, animal or flower suddenly appears, a sudden memory and in your dreams. Those dreams are real and not wishful. They are coming to you at that time to communicate with you. There are so many ways they let us know and show their love. If you take the time to breathe and relax, you will start noticing their signs. There are so many different ways to show you, but it's up to you to recognize them.

Sometimes we have tough decisions to make in regard to sustaining life or to release. When that decision has to be made, no matter how hard it is, they have given you the answer of their wish and you granted it. Many question whether or not they did the right thing for many years after, causing emotional suffering to themselves. Know that you gave them the blessing of no more suffering. They know you couldn't make that decision on your own. You heard their wish and followed through. You gave them a gift. The gift of unconditional and unselfish love.

Let this holiday season bring you peace of mind that your loved ones are with you to celebrate your life and wish for you not to suffer the physical loss. They feel and see your sadness. They wish nothing more than for you to be able to move forward in life and know they are now safe, pain free, happy and loved; joining up with other loved ones and celebrating you. With all of their love from the other side....

I hope this helps bring inner peace and warmth to many of you.

In Love and Light, ^j^


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