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Reversing The Effects of Mass Sorrow and Depression. It Starts Within You...

In our daily lives, we tend to avoid negativity around us that we are aware of, be it people, or other situations. Negativity makes us think negative thoughts. It's depressing and pulls us down. It adds to you being tired, drained and it's extremely easy to fall into the negative trap. We have control of how we feel, think and our actions. Too much negativity thrown at people will not only pull us down, but also those around us. When a topic is brow beat to death that is positive, full of excitement, joy, or be it an accomplishment... We tend to eventually ignore it, the people, or the conversation. Some will roll their eyes, as in... "Here we go again!" People will intentionally avoid a person, as it is taken as boasting, instead of sharing in the long lasting good energy. We should actually still be feeling the joy... Topics and situations are presented before us that are tragic, negative in nature and pushed out there in a never ending manner...... People tend to dwell in the negativity for long periods of time. The way these particular negative forces work are in a similar way, but they play on our Goddess, sympathetic emotions. (Both men and women have God and Goddess sides to them.) Similar to having one person brow beating another, which can lower our energy levels, this type of negative energy that unbalances people is through the news media. It is drawn out and everywhere people look. It targets many at the same time... In the masses. They are the worst Energy Vampires we face daily! If we take a good look at this, they are intentional and calculated acts to draw more readers, listeners and viewers into their following. It's about increasing the numbers and ratings. They are a business. In turn, the negative is pushed out and what we see coming from this is what many are experiencing at this moment... Sorrow, emotional upset, imbalance, depression and even anger towards others. Just how do we learn to not get pulled into the this form of negativity, while still acknowledging what is going on in the world? The ability to continue functioning in a positive manner and lessening the negative effects takes practice, but can be very much accomplished! Empaths, mediums, healers, sensitives and clairvoyants receive difficult messages, visions and are asked for assistance with a variety of heart wrenching situations. It is easier to draw in that negative energy in the beginning than it is to divert it. The secret is they learn to push it back out and also reflect through shielding, to where it won't effect others. It is the use of inner strength. They also turn that negative energy into positive actions. Continue to do good for others. Refrain yourself from continuously watching, listening to, or reading the constant repeated story;creatively reworded, or put together to increase their ratings. Remove the veils and recognize this is the cause of what is going on in your own personal world. Recognize the effects it is having on you and those around you. Meditation, music, walks, exercise, or anything that helps relax you is a great way to help reverse the effects and the number one way.... Hug that tree!!! Connecting with nature is one of the most positive ways you can become grounded and balanced! Not watching, listening to or reading the news stories over and over again, is another positive pro active way you can help yourself and others. You too can avoid the mass fear, emotional upset and sadness effects of negativity that is placed in front of you. You have the control... Love and Light Renee Marie

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