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Change... Fear... Faith and The Fool (Card)

December 24, 2016


Most of you who know me well, are aware that tarot is not my preference with readings. I used to use the tarot decks all the time, so the meanings are still engraved in my mind. There is one card that I am being told by my guides many need to hear today, as it relates to many of the posts I am seeing on here.

Discussing this will help to clarify to those who FEAR CHANGE and how adventurous CHANGE truly can be.... The FOOL CARD is the lowest of the Court Cards in the Major Arcana, as they are known in tarot. By the lowest, I am speaking of the youngest. Young, adventurous, full of life, jumping into the unknown head on, leaving the past behind, Faith, learning and an open mind.

The Fool is a curious lad, always seeking change the the determination of a pure soul or a child. He has no reservations, knows what he wants and takes that leap of faith into new adventures. He knows no fear when it comes to change. The Fool is very aware that in order to grow or better himself, live happier, without caring what others think of him; he will be in a state of stagnation and staying in a comfort zone. 

The comfort zone is the safety net that can hold back instead of allowing forward movement. He isn't one for settling in any area of his life, due to the comfort from knowing no different. He is very aware that whether he succeeds or not is up to him. No Fear....

As adults, many are so dependent on the safety nets we have placed within our lives. We may not be happy, but fear and the past are what keep us within this stagnation. Our souls crave change and learning, leading us down the path we are meant to be. 

These changes are not limited when it comes to so all areas within our lives. Change in employment, thoughts, actions, home, all relationships; things that used to work for us now that no longer do and things that no longer serve a positive purpose in our lives. 

So when you hear about change and just doing it, remember The Fool who embraces change through the eyes of a child. It's all about thought and action, perseverance, determination, no looking back at the past or mistakes and positivity. The outcome? Only The Fool knows, as it's his destination, goal, dream, wish and future. 

We can die happy or wondering what if all of our lives. So everyone embrace change with an open heart and an open mind! Set out on that awesome adventure and see the many blessings along the way! Mind... Body and a Happy Soul!!!

With much Love and Light!


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December 24, 2016

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